About Katie

I love problem solving, learning new skills and inspiring others.
I started my technical weave blog because I was struggling to find clear, comprehensive information online about the different weave structures I wanted to try out. My aim in starting ‘Engineering Weave’ is to create a free resource  for all weavers, from those just starting out to professionals.
Sharing knowledge with others so they can be inspired and bringing people together in discussion to create a community of weavers who supports and helps each other.
My BA Textiles course is where I discovered weave. I have always felt like I am more of a technical person, approaching the things I do in a methodical and orderly manner. This is why I was drawn to weave. I enjoy the maths and systematic processes which challenge my problem solving and analytical skills. Experimenting with how different structures work and how different yarn act when woven.
When I graduated university I started my own business making handwoven teddy bears, one of which was display at the V&A. Although I enjoyed making teddy bears, I couldn’t help but keep coming back to exploring the technical aspects of weave. 
I am also a woven textiles technician which I find a rewarding and engaging job, constantly learning and being challenged. Helping our students and inspiring them (they inspire me too) makes going to work a pleasure. My hope is to bring some of this knowledge and engagement online to a wider audience.
My goal is to connect with people and share knowledge so please contact me.