Gating a countermarch loom

I struggled to find any information online about gating a countermarch so thought it would be useful to share my knowledge with you.

If you are using 8 or more shafts you may find that the shed is small. When using this number of shafts it is advisable to gate the loom. This is a process which opens up the back shaft a little more to give a clearer shed.

A – Between the two A points is the treadle pivot bar (the bar the treadles attach to at the back of the loom).
B – Control bar.
C – Notches on the treadle spacer.
D – Top treadle position. The treadle pivot bar will sit askew in these grooves.


  • Before you start make sure the pins are in the castle, the shafts are at the right height and the shafts/lamms are horizontal/straight. The treadles need to be untied.
  • With the treadle pivot bar (A) in the lower (weaving) position, set the top of the control bar (B) level with the notches (C) on the pedal spacer.
  • For the back shaft only (back two lamms) tie each treadle tightly against the treadle control bar.
  • Loosen the treadle control bar and put the treadle pivot bar in top position (D).
  • Push the treadle control bar tightly against the treadles and tighten nuts.
  • Firmly tie the rest of the treadles to shafts.
  • Put the treadle control bar back in the upper position out of the way and put the treadle pivot back in the lower position, ready for weaving.

Not all countermarch looms are the same but contact me if you are having issues.